It’s about Progress NOT Perfection!

It’s been a long road. There have been many different paths, roads, modes and trials. Navigating the world of music has been unsuccessful to say the least. Trying to have a fulfilling family life has been frustrating. Trying to create a music career, care for my own personal demons AND have a fulfilling family life has been impossible.

I’ve compartmentalized to survive. I tried to split myself into little pieces because I thought it was necessary to protect my loved ones from my ambition and struggles when what was really needed was to have completeness. I needed to bring all the pieces of myself together into wholeness…

Here’s thing is, running from something that has never truly healed will always end in failure and exhaustion and will bleed into everything you try to accomplish. You can only run for so long before you slow, stop or even crash when you reach past your current zone of comfort. Your mistaken beliefs and negative self talk will always cut you down and sabotage your progress.

This has been my pattern. A constant cycle of production and growth then steady or abrupt personal shutdown. I could never find a sustainable level of growth without the tools to heal and maintain myself as an individual. The thing is, for someone that has experienced trauma this is typical. I just hadn’t had the help and direction to help me understand.

That all changed as I made the decision to no longer live in pieces but to create a whole self. It’s been a process that took years of self-compassion, hard work and force of will.

I hope you will join me in my journey to live a REALIZED life at peace with all parts of yourself. I hope what I have learned and implemented can help you feel more complete and grow your passions and self-worth.

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