There is a harsh reality that comes with living a life that includes your creative passion. 

It can be lonely and leave you feeling misunderstood and full of false guilt but living a life Creating is a choice YOU will have to make again and again.  It will not always feel “worth it”.  You will struggle.  You will question your choices.  You will think about giving up.  It will be difficult even impossible sometimes.

If that scares and derails you, it’s time to become SELF-AWARE and look past the immediate discomfort to the bigger picture!  It’s time to accept the realizations that will help you create a path to fulfillment.  It’s time to dig deep and embrace the journey in harmony with the good, the bad and the ugly.

NO ONE. Not your partner, not your kids, not your family or friends are going to give you the necessary time, commitment or sacrifice to live your passion.  If YOU do not speak up and let it be known that it is necessary to make you whole,  all resources to grow in this area will be consumed by other needs and desires. 

NO ONE will care about the growth or success of your passion as much as YOU can and YOU cannot expect them to.  If YOU are willing to sacrifice your passion for others, they will gladly take your sacrifice without apology and they DO NOT hold the blame for your resulting unfulfilled desires and stagnation.

It is up to YOU to set boundaries and stick to them.  Your wholeness is YOUR responsibility! It is YOUR fulfillment and harmony that is at stake.  Make YOUR choice and accept the consequences, whatever they may be.

It starts with YOU showing up for YOURSELF! 

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