Facebook is FULL of ads these days.  Mention something to google and you will get bombarded with every ad possible from everyone trying to sell something.  To tell you the truth, I’m completely sick of wading through the endless Marketing funnel ads for self-help and coaching. 

Yes, I am an entrepreneur.  NO, I don’t want to hear from 10, 000 other people just like me all doing the same thing.  But I guess it must be working or not so many people would be jumping on the band wagon of course creation and coaching.   Social media has made things so interesting!

 Everyone has a system to help you get rich, get more followers etc.  The noise is deafening and real direction and help is financially out of reach of most creative entrepreneurs.  If I paid to try all of the programs that tout success I’d never make a dime! 

There is always some kind of free product, attached to an email campaign and sometimes several up-sales for additional courses or coaching.  I’ve bought into 2 courses for coaching in specific areas like personal and artistic development and social media training.  I’ve also had great success taking music courses on Udemy.com.  For the most part I wouldn’t say I have become successful from any of this learning but I have gained some habits and confidence from them.

I’m annoyed by all the extras but try to remind myself that there are a lot of professionals offering good advice and direction amongst the noise.  However, I am always cautious due to the amount of people trying to make a quick buck off the struggles of others without offering a real benefit. It is really giving them all a bad name.

I’ve never been good at creating a schedule and sticking to it and avoid it because I love spontaneous EVERYTHING but as I get busier and more overwhelmed I need to bring order to my chaos so I can increase my productivity and maximize my time.  I don’t want to get into a trap of constant work and lose out on family, fun and down time.  It leads to burnout and overall discontent.

I know from personal experience that burnout is a very real and detrimental experience.  I seem to experience it several times a year and am flirting with disaster right now with all of the many responsibilities I have heaped on myself with blogging, teaching, social media experimentation, cover gigs, songwriting and music production.  It’s super frustrating and I don’t want to continue this same pattern.

I have been seeking clarity and organization for everything I am pulled to do as well as try to maintain the necessary things that I don’t particularly enjoy. 

I came across an ad from Brendan Buchard offering a free book (pay shipping) about the Habits of Highly Successful People.  It states it comes from years of research from many very successful people in many fields. And compiled the data into 6 habits that all of the successful people adhered to.

 I liked the idea of examining this side of things rather than go into another “feel good” vague mindset diatribe that all sounds and feels good but gives no real direction.  This book promises to give a blueprint on productivity and direction so I decided to give it a try as well as accept the free week of video coaching. 

I identified immediately with the introduction.   HA!  Don’t we all want to see ourselves as having the potential to be “highly successful’.  I think all entrepreneur oriented people have certain aspects of their personality in common so I’m sure many people will identify with it just like I did.  Kudos to the writer!  You created great imagery and hooked me into wanting to dive in and learn more. 

I will update my study of this book as I dive into the first “Habit”  which is Clarity in another post.

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