Creatives include songwriters, musicians, visual artists, performance artists, crafters, creators, etc.  It encompasses all of those of the artistic creation persuasion.  We are entrepeneurs that create life enriching products with a purpose of joy, beauty and evoke emotion. 

It is difficult to create a large following and even harder to create an income surrounding our unique abilities that funds the means necessary to continue creating on a regular basis.   Social media is a BIG part of the growth of a following and support system.

Here are 6 FREE ways you can help our online reach, grow our following, and move towards financial improvement which enables us to reach more people like you.

  • Follow and Subscribe on all platforms that you frequent.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. 
  • Join our email list. This is a more permanent way to stay connected to our support base.  Algorithms are always changing and can limit our ability to reach you.
  • Like AND comment on our online content.  A comment goes much farther than just a like and lets us know people are paying attention.
  • Share our posts!  This is HUGE because it expands our reach past our current following and introduces us to new potential support.
  • Send a private message of encouragement!   It is incredibly motivational to receive praise and support in the form of a personal note.

WANT TO DO MORE?!  To create tangible products and content costs money as well as time.  To create the best possible goods takes a financial investment that is often transient and hard to come by and can be a hefty sacrifice of our time and effort that could be used to create.

We are not paid an hourly wage to spend time in the creative process. You can help us make time to practice our craft by giving just a little financial support.  Here are 5 ways you can help:.

  • Go to a live show or display.  Support the venue, leave a tip or buy one of our creations.
  • Listen and watch our online content regularly.  Youtube pays attention to our watch time and after a certain point we can make a little extra via ads.  Spotify and online music streaming can create an extra income just from listening for as little as 30 seconds of each song. 
  • Send an online tip or gift card.  Venmo, Paypal, facebook are safe ways to send financial support.
  • Give to any crowdfunding projects offered.
  • Join your creative’s monthly Patreon or subscription service.  This is a great way to help create a regular income support for your favorite creative as well as get discounts and more personal connection from us.

We all love feeling appreciated and dream of financial freedom while living our passion.  It takes commitment and sacrifice to work towards our goals.  Your support is SO MUCH MORE appreciated and needed than you know!

Support my journey so I can keep supporting others. Become a monthly contributor!

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