Disclosure: I am not a licensed dietician and I am not sharing this meal plan as guarantee of weight loss or health. I am passionate about feeling good and feeling good about myself and therefore choose to take action by putting together recipes and supplements that I believe will give me direction from my own research and trial and error. I am utilizing a way of eating that has worked for me in the past. One that I know I can easily stick to as it does not restrict a lot of the foods I like to eat (besides donuts :().

Fall and the end of 2019 was brutally exhausting!

Between putting new websites together, researching social media, improving my content creation skills, my lessons business, live performances, vacations, family, some minor health concerns, socializing, several colds, the holidays and trying to stay engaged with physical fitness I have been left feeling OLD. I feel like my body has crashed and I have been forced to rest. This has killed my fitness goals and left me feeling slow and unmotivated. It’s time to reset and engage in self-care with 30 days of clean eating!

I took a couple weeks off from the gym and focused more on resting and spending time with my kids which was very much appreciated but it’s time to get back into BADASS mode. I have a lot I want to accomplish and I need my Health and Wellness to be maintainable.

I have put together recipes and a schedule to help get me back on track. I’m complicated and can’t stand to eat the same thing all the time but also need simplicity because I am incredibly busy with a million things as a mom, wife, creative and woman.

I have always had a sweet tooth so the hardest part for me is significantly lowering my simple carbohydrate intake. It makes me cranky while I adjust so I will apologize to my family and friends beforehand and hope they make it through my detox.

I’ve decided to carb cycle with one day a week of intermittent fasting. This meal plan is protein and veggie packed because I need all of the nutrition I can muster to get my iron back on track and to continue to keep lean muscle mass while lowering my body fat a bit. It also includes healthy carbs to fuel a more organized and rigorous fitness plan including a lot of weight lifting/cardio combined workouts at my Crossfit gym. It also contains several paleo inspired desserts. My sweet tooth needs attention too! I have also decided to abstain from all alcohol, simple sugars and processed foods. I’ll share my fitness plan and goals in another post.

Additional supplements I will be adding:
Termeric/Piperine, CoQ10, Multi-vitamin, Beet powder pre-workout, BCAA post workout drink, Dandelion Detox Tea.
Attached is a collection of recipes organized into meals and carbs. Pick a few for each week, make a shopping list, meal prep, plan and GET ON IT! I’d love some company and support.

Additional Notes:

I have not added specific calorie counts in this menu. Be smart about portion size and listen to your body. Some of the links to original recipes include this data if you would like do further research.

I will be working out for 1 to 2 hours 4 to 5 times a week and will have my hardest workouts on carb days. This plan is not solely to lose a bunch of weight but to promote a healthier lifestyle in an organized manner. Busy people always benefit from planning and time management.

Some things can be made weekly and separated into individual portions like egg bites, chia pudding and overnight oats, Charcuterie, Chili, crockpot chicken soup. Use this to your advantage for time management. Also, I Fully expect there to be a couple leftover nights. I know I won’t cook every night!

If you prepare food for a family, Several or the meals can easily be made to accommodate kids or finicky partners not eating as clean as you. By purchasing a few items like noodles, buns and breads you can keep their carb cravings happy while not driving yourself crazy making 2 meals. On the flip side, you can omit rice and prepare more veggies or make cauliflower rice if you want to convert some recipes to no carb.

Carb Cycling Explanation:

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