It’s about Progress NOT Perfection!

Sometimes it hard to gauge how much I have accomplished this year. The super ambitious ass hole inner voice tells me it’s not enough and that I could have done more but I know better.  I maintain a mindset of curiosity and growth. It’s been one hell of a journey!

  • I continued to build and maintain a teaching business that financially supports my music endeavors.  I doubled my income and built a business that retains respect, dedication and accomplishment all while remaining connected with my children.
  • I continued my education in music theory, music technique, music production, business, social media, videography, photography and marketing. I’m still nowhere near knowing it all but what an incredible amount of knowledge I’ve gained!
  • I now have a small but professionally equipped studio where I can produce music for myself and others efficiently.  It is equipped not only for audio but for creation of all video and social media content as well. It is not only a place to grow my business but a haven for my creative self. 
  • I conquered much of my stage fright and anxiety surrounding live performance, created solo and duo setlists, rehearsed my ASS OFF and performed more than I have in 10 years.  I have gained a comfort level and better appreciation for this challenging aspect of music business that for me has been one of the hardest parts of my musical journey.

My personal life has shifted and grown with much ferocity as well.

  • I’ve struggled with but ultimately fostered closer relationships than I have ever allowed in my life. 
  • I have opened myself to a better understanding of self and my inner battles and allowed boundaries, compassion and curiosity to rule me rather than resented responsibility, duty and self-sacrifice.  I am excited for all the realizations that will continue to come.
  • Rather than survival, I have thrived and expanded in my human existence and believe it is leading me on a path to help others.  Do I still struggle?  Of course!  But with curiosity and compassion I will continue to thrive.
  • Release and self-acceptance have grown to true confidence and genuine gratitude.  This mind shift has benefited me in productive and peaceful ways I am forever grateful for.

Though the end of this year has proven to be a struggle with poor health and low productivity leading to some frustration, I look forward to the next year of continued growth and wholeness.  I am building courage to share a more intimate look into my personal journey with hopes of helping and inspiring others who might identify with my journey and benefit in some way. 

What a crazy productive year 2019 has been! I wonder if 2020 will be just as wild a ride…?

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