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Bring EVERY part of you together in harmony to foster success as a Creative Entrepreneur.


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I have created this page to organize my own responsibilities, needs and desires as a Creative Entrepreneur and share the strategies that have worked for me and offer support through the inevitable struggles that will occur on a path as a Creative Entrepreneur. I know the value of a community of like-minded individuals coming together with purpose. My goal is to create content and community that supports both the personal and business fulfillment of fellow Creative Entrepreneurs!

I have struggled with balancing life and creating music over the past 20 years. Despite my best efforts, I have floundered through everything that is included in being a musician and experienced failure and burnout every time I have pushed to create a satisfying experience and a financially beneficial music career. One of the main reasons I have not been able to experience long term joy and success in my music creation is due to compartmentalization of the different roles I play as woman, mother, creative and business owner. I minimized my gifts and goals for the comfort of others out of shame and false guilt. I had not nurtured myself as a whole. However, I am now reaping the benefits that focus and self-realization can offer!  I hope others can benefit from my journey!